In France, the traditions of Christmas trees are different from other European countries. The Christmas tree is not decorated with lights. Instead, people decorate their trees with garlands made of cloth and ornaments they carry. The French people keep the tradition of decorating the tree with flowers, leaves, and buds.

Other European countries decorate the tree while the same things other countries put on a tree the French put on the Christmas wreath. Beautiful ribbons and bows are used for the wreaths and include garlands of flowers and ivy.

The garlands of flowers and ivy are usually decorated by attaching them to the branches of the tree. The garland of the Christmas tree in France is usually made of cloth. The clothes are made by sewing the flowers and greenery together using a needle and thread.

French Use Christmas Trees Differently

According to another tradition, the Christmas tree in France is not decorated. This tradition noted that the families wait for the Christmas flowers to bloom on the tree. When the flowers start to bloom, the people of the house take the flowers and arrange them in the garland of the Christmas tree. 

The tradition of putting up garlands of satin and ribbon in the home has been around for many years. The flowers and the ivy are wrapped around the ribbons that are attached to the garland. The Christmas tree is adorned with small bells, ribbons, lace, and multi-colored lights.

Sometimes, families use an artificial tree to celebrate Christmas. A lot of money is spent on decorating the trees in the homes, which are decorated with lovely decorations made by using artificial flowers and the foliage of the fruits.

The most popular Christmas tree in France is the fir tree. There is also a Christmas wreath that is hung on the door of the home where the tree is placed. The Christmas wreath is decorated with boughs of evergreen. This is considered to be the traditional decoration of the Christmas tree in France. It is not very uncommon to find pine boughs in the Christmas wreaths as well.

Many families have their own traditions that are brought from their own families of friends. These traditions continue through the centuries with many French people celebrating their Christmas tree in a special way each year.

The tradition of placing Christmas trees in the home began during the middle ages in Europe. The English took this new tradition and made it a part of their lives. The tradition moved from homes to barns and then to the countryside. The trees were decorated as part of a community event. The home was the “worship place” for the trees.

In the United States, the Christmas tree has been part of the holiday celebration for more than one hundred years. The traditions of hanging Christmas trees in homes have changed over the years with many additions and decorations. Traditional decorations of pine cones, lights, plastic snow, mistletoe, holly, and Christmas candles are seen on many trees today.

Final Words

The traditions of the Christmas tree in France can be traced back to the Revolution when French soldiers were stationed in the United States after the revolution.

The soldiers there took with them the traditions of the Christmas tree to France. When they came home they brought their traditions with them to their homes. They decorated the tree with pine cones, mistletoe, and other items.

Today, many people celebrate the day with great gusto and much merriment by having a magnificent tree. There is nothing quite like a Christmas tree to cheer us up on this special day of the year! Evergreen trees are used because they are green all throughout the year, which allows us to remember Christmas meaning throughout the year.